We are keen to expand our catalogue of original, thought-provoking crime fiction.

If you have a novel you are convinced should interest us, submit the first fifty pages, a suggested blurb for the back cover and the total word count. Send all material as PDF files to submissions at (@)

If the initial submission strikes us as promising, we will ask you to send the full manuscript for consideration (either as PDF or in printed form). If not, we will inform you that we are not interested (which is not to say that your work is without merit – only that we don’t think it would fit well into the John Law Media catalogue). We will not enter into a discussion about the merits and flaws of rejected submissions.

Manuscripts under consideration are submitted to our readers’ panel, whose feedback to our editor will determine whether we take the manuscript into the development process, which should culminate in a published novel. Entering the development process involves signing a contract. The key features of our standard author contract are as follows:
Royalties of 20% of wholesale price for traditional formats (for example, if Amazon paid us £3.20 for a book with a £7.99 RRP the author would receive £0.64) and 50% of wholesale price for digital copies.

An advance equivalent to all royalties due on the sale of the projected initial print run.

Exclusive English language publishing rights within the European Union for traditional formats (i.e. ink on paper) and worldwide for digital formats.
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